1. (in the philosophy of Aristotle) a realization or actuality as opposed to a potentiality.

2. (in vitalist philosophy) a vital agent or force directing growth and life.

3. (in the system of Leibnitz) the soul or principle of perfection of an object or person.

"I believe that each of us is born with unlimited potential.  It is our birthright to nurture and awaken it into realization. 

That is the intention and goal of Entelechy Consulting -- to help each person feed her/his greatness so she/he can realize her/his highest potential and bring greater good to the world."

Sabrina spent 18 years in Los Angeles as a working artist as well as the last ten as a professional business coach traveling the world coaching every level of business person from C-level down in a variety of industries at companies including SAP, Business Objects, Rockwell, Roquette, Geist, VWR, and Dickson Data just to name a few.  

What truly makes Sabrina's approach unique, is her incorporation of skills and tools learned while obtaining her master's degree in Spiritual Psychology along with a post-graduate certificate in Soul-Centered Leadership.  These principals have proven effective even in such environments as the largest women's maximum security prison in the US where Sabrina has volunteered as a coach working with women to transform their lives.  

Transformation has two components: the goal line and the soul line.  The goal line is the outcome we are striving to achieve which includes action steps along with the tools to get there.  The Soul Line is the work to identify and transcend the limiting beliefs which are holding us back from achieving our goals.  These are not bad things, this is our life's work if we choose to undertake it.  And in my experience, there is nothing more rewarding.

"The tools I have mastered and the work I have done on myself and with hundreds of other individuals struggling to break free have proven effective in identifying limiting beliefs that trigger emotional patterns which lock us into repeating behavioral patterns that prevent us from reaching our highest potential.

Said another way... our greatest obstacles are the ones we create for ourselves.  True leadership starts within.  What is your Spirit calling you to do?  Are you ready to live a bigger, more authentic life?"

Sabrina Schneppat,  founder of Entelechy Consulting

Sabrina Schneppat,  founder of Entelechy Consulting

Here's What Others have said about working with Sabrina...

Sabrina inspires, uplifts, and transforms people in her presence. Her words are riveting, refreshing, and a conscious contribution. She is the kind of coach and facilitator who supports her clients in reaching their untapped potential. She is a gem.
— Sherrie Allen, Relationship Coach
Sabrina is a supremely gifted, compassionate, and intuitive teacher. Sabrina’s gentle guidance has led me to a place where I can move forward in my life.
— Betsy, Teacher & Published Author
People say practice makes Perfect. But that is not true. Perfect practice makes perfect. Your valuable feedback in our first session gave me great direction.

You could have just emailed a response to my question but it would not have been nearly as valuable as the instant feedback I got on our phone call. Not only that, but that question led to a myriad of other questions which I didn’t even know I had. The guidance you gave removed a ton of doubt for me.
— Tyler, Sales Consultant