To take something from possibility to reality requires vision, planning, diligence, persistence/willingness, and fortitude.    

To make it a success requires Heart.

To make it a life's work requires Soul.

Some have the ability to intuitively follow that process.  

For others, having someone who can guide us makes all the difference.


World-class athletes work with coaches everyday to improve their performance.  If they see value, why not you?  

The way you think and feel affects every area of your life.  Coaching is effective because whatever area you choose to focus on (work, health, relationship, creativity...) synthesizes to all areas because the common denominator is you.  Your life comes through you. 

Our lives are wholistic.   So, while we may like to compartmentalize things, our lives are an integrated whole much like a woven piece of material -- pull one thread and the whole things unravels.

Another challenge is that often times we find ourselves surrounded by negativity which can pull us down as we attempt to move forward.  


The benefits of finding the right coach can be priceless...

  • Someone who gets our unique personality and appreciates our individual set of challenges
  • Someone who encourages us to step outside of our comfort zone and try new things
  • Someone who gives us tools and creates a nurturing environment where we can practice using these tools as we develop new ways of being
  • Someone who has faced challenges and worked through them and knows the terrain and pitfalls
  • Someone who leads by example
  • Someone who is patient and non-judgmental knowing that every challenge presents an opportunity
Sabrina has a remarkable capacity to hold a loving space for anyone who might have the fortune to work with her. She is also gifted in her ability to share her innate wisdom with clarity and simplicity. With admiration, I have witnessed Sabrina relentlessly search for the truth and courageously live her life according to the principles of unconditional loving, grace, compassion, and faith. She is the best ally one could ever have in lovingly moving forward in life while manifesting one’s heartfelt wishes.”
— Rita, Attorney

Are you ready to make a change?   Ready to empower yourself? Ready to free yourself and finally live the life you know you are meant to live?

If you said "YES" to any of these or feel a calling inside, contact me for a free, confidential, 30-minute consultation to discuss your goals, ask questions, and see if coaching is the next step for you..  

Sabrina is able to uplift everyone around her by staying focused, reminding them of who they are, and facilitating their growth through an awareness that transcends words.
— Thelene, Artist & Author